Privacy Policy


KyuziNET LTD is the holding company of brands such as “KyuziNetwork”, “KyuziRaid”, “Kyuzi”, “TheTreeMC” and “Veratic”.

Data Collected

Whilst using any services operated by KyuziNET LTD, information about you and your actions are gathered and collected. This includes, and is not limited to, to the following:

• Email enquiries made to all KyuziNET emails sent from the domain “”;

• All IP addresses used whilst connected to KyuziNET LTD services;

• Billing address whilst making a payment to KyuziNET LTD;

• Date of birth, full name, and location whilst using our community forums; and

• Proof of identification in the occurrence of payment issues.

Consensus in idem

By using any services operated by KyuziNET LTD, you agree that all authorised personnel contracted under a Non-Disclosure Agreement may use said information for the running or development of any brands or services related to KyuziNET LTD.

Legal Liability

KyuziNET LTD cannot be held liable for the interaction of a third party during the transition of data between the user and the KyuziNET LTD data centres. Whilst KyuziNET LTD invests a great deal into our infrastructure to ensure all data is protected, it is essential to check that everything is properly protected and safe on your end. This can be done by looking out for the green security lock on any web pages.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, KyuziNET LTD is legally obligated to offer a service in which you may be provided with all information in which we store about you personally. This can be done by sending an email request to - a $20 fee will be requested in doing so.

Other Help

If you experience any purchase difficulties please contact our support team by either making a post on the forums or by emailing

Breach of Privacy

Do you believe we have breached our privacy policy?

Please email if you would like to report a staff member for breach of privacy. Please remember to include a full description of the indcident with evidence.